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File #: 2019-018   
Title: Unrepresented Department Head and Deputy Director Compensation Plan - Amendment
Attachments: 1. Att 1 - Proposed Resolution, 2. Att 2 - Proposed Resolution track changes
TO: City Council

FROM: Drew Corbett, City Manager

PREPARED BY: Human Resources Department

MEETING DATE: Monday, January 07, 2019

Unrepresented Department Head and Deputy Director Compensation Plan - Amendment

Adopt a Resolution to amend the Compensation Plan for consistency with the City Manager's Employment Agreement and delete references to Fire Department classifications.

The City Council determines the salary and benefits compensation for employees. The City Manager, City Attorney, Department Heads and Deputy Directors are not represented by a bargaining group, and their salary ranges are determined by the City Council.

The City Manager and City Attorney are at-will positions, and are appointed by the City Council. Department Heads are in at-will positions, and serve at the pleasure of the City Manager. The Deputy Director classifications are in the competitive service as defined by Municipal Code Chapter 2.57.

The City Attorney, Department Heads and Deputy Directors received salary increases effective September 9, 2018.

On November 5, 2018 by Resolution #117 the City Council adopted the City Manager Employment Agreement for Drew Corbett, which established the City Manager's salary at $265,000 per year effective December 23, 2018.

The attached proposed Resolution reflects the changes made to the City Manger's compensation in line with the City Manager Employment Agreement. It also deletes references to provisions specific to the Fire Department, whose operations will be performed by San Mateo Consolidated Fire effective January 13, 2019. The Resolution does not amend compensation for any listed classifications.

There is no budgetary impact for the changes made to the Compensation Plan.

In accordance with CEQA Guidelines section 15061, approval of this resolution is not a project subject to CEQA because it can be seen with ce...

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