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File #: 2018-915   
Title: Borel Park - Right-of-Entry Agreement
Attachments: 1. Att 1 - Right-of-Entry Agreement.pdf
TO: City Council

FROM: Drew Corbett, City Manager

PREPARED BY: Public Works Department

MEETING DATE: Monday, January 07, 2019

Borel Park - Right-of-Entry Agreement

Approve an inter-agency agreement with the San Mateo Foster City School District (SMFCSD) for the right to enter and use City property at the Borel Park site for a term of up to eight months, and authorize the City Manager to sign the agreement in substantially the form presented.

Borel Park is a City-owned property spanning the 1400 block of Shafter Street from Barneson to Borel Avenues. In 2019, the new Fire Station 25 will be constructed on the parcel at the southern corner of Borel Avenue and Shafter Street adjacent to Borel Middle School.

Prior to the construction of the new fire station, San Mateo-Foster City School District (SMFCSD) plans to build a retaining wall with fencing, along what will remain as Borel Park and conduct excavation and layback on a small portion of the proposed Fire Station site as part of the excavation and grading of the Borel Middle School site. Since this work is scheduled to begin prior to the construction of the fire station, staff has negotiated a right-of-entry agreement to allow SMFCSD to enter Borel Park for the above purposes.

This agreement has no impact to the budget.

In accordance with CEQA guidelines section 15378 (b)(5), the right-of-entry agreement is administrative and will not impact the environment and is therefore not a project subject to CEQA. In addition, an Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) was prepared for both the Fire Station 25 and Borel Park projects. The IS/MND concluded that the project would not have any significant effects with the incorporation of mitigation measures that have been included in the project's Conditions of Approval to ensure compliance during project implementation.


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